Yann Mallard
Creative Director
Blurb about where/what I have worked on in my career past:
Before joining EightVFX I have worked at Riot, Creo, Method, Cryo Interactive  (France), Vibes Interactive (France).
From Art School to video game industry and then the Realm of Post Production, Time has found a way to fly by very quickly!!!
During those years of high adventures, I had the chance to embraced all the different aspect of our work, Today I feel blessed to have experienced so many revolutions in our industry!
My first interesting project at method was to work on the remake of the Japanese film Ringu by Gore Verbinski. I was doing Matte painting and compositing. It was a different time, less digital and more “organic” in the process of doing things and especially creating textures and coming up with practical experimental shooting solution! Art and craft pushed to the maximum ;))  We also had the chance to work on the first Pirates of the Caribbean, Where I proudly have my tongue featured in the movie, well a dirty and FX pirate’s tongue of course!
A few commercials later: PlayStation, Visa, Xbox, Bank of America, Adidas, Ford, Toyota, Coca-Cola, Perrier, Att, Wal-Mart, BMW, Nike, etc…  I met BAPTISTE and JEAN-MARC and started to work at CREO with the AMAZING EXPERIENCE of working with DAVID LYNCH!  oooohhh mmyy goooddd! I could have retired on the top of a mountain to meditate on the experience just after that ;))
A DREAM COME TRUE! A treasure of kindness in one person!
And Well… When Nike, Ford, Adidas, Absolute Vodka, Acer_Predator, Activision, Acura, ALA, American Express, API, Armani,  ATT, Avon, Bank of America, Bavaria, Beck, Beechams, Beast of no nation, Capital One, Carls Jr, Chevy, Chick Fil A, Citroen, Comcast, Converse, Corona, Cox, Daft Punk, Dartagnan, Dior, ESPN, Fidelity, Full Tilt Poker, Gatorade, Hahn Beer, Honda, Hostage, Hyundai, Infinity, Intel, Jeep, Kanye West, Kaskade, Katy Perrym Kia, Knight and Day, Korean Air, League of Legends, Letgo, Lux, Medtronic, Million Dollar Arm, Minions, Motorola, Mountain Dew, MTV VMA, Navy, Nike, Nissan, Old Navy, Pandora, Pepsi, Perrier, Playstation, Ponds, PowerShares, Quaker, Rolex, Rotofugi, Samsung, Scion, Sprint, Svedka, The Do, The Hive, T-Mobile, Toyota, Tums,  Voda phone, Ubisoft, Verizon, Wells Fargo, Wonderfull Pistachios, Xbox, and the forgotten ZUNE knocked at the door for more commercial adventures! The ride continues and this is Eight VFX!

Your favorite Eight VFX project you’ve worked on

With Mister Reynald Greyssey everything becomes the best project I have worked on ;)) And this illustrates what I love to do at Eight VFX > help a director and the agency to achieve their creative visions. And along those years having the chance to learn so many aspects of my Job with Jean-Marc and Baptiste is something I also value as part of my favorite Eight VFX thing ;)))
And of course, I treasure the experience of all the projects that I have directed: Hgtv, Option express, Lean Cuisine, HP Kung Fu Panda, Five Gum, Microsoft BING and recently HONDA.
The opportunity of being part of a creative competition is such a thrill! Winning the job and then being responsible and intensely involved in the process of fabrication is most definitively my adrenaline rush!
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