Rigging Artist/Manager
Before joining EightVFX I was studying at the Mopa School in France (formely Supinfocom Arles), for 5 years.
I started my studies as a generalist and in 4th year I specialized in character rigging and animation. Before that I also did 2 years of art studies (drawing, painting, anatomy, etc)
I’ve also made a few Animated Short films during my years at the Mopa School. My graduation animated short “Sirocco” had more than 60 nominations and won 17 awards so far.
Your favorite Eight VFX project you’ve worked on
My Favorite project that I’m very proud to have worked on at EightVFX was I, Tonya (2017).
Full Movie Credits list of Movies I’ve worked on:
– I, Tonya (Rigging artist)
Full commercial Credits list of commercials I’ve worked on:
– CES Toyota (Rigging)
– Jimmy Dean (Rigging and animation)
– Capital One (Rigging and previz)
– Agency CP+p for LetGo (Rigging and animation)
– Leroy Merlin, “L’avanture d’une vie” (Rigging and animation)
– At&t (Rigging and Muscle system)
– Acer predator (Rigging and animation)
Full Tv/Clips Credits list of Tv/Clips I’ve worked on:
– The Orville, season 1 (Rigging)
– Stranger Things, season 2 (Rigging and animation)
– Mad Hatter, by Melanie Martinez (Rigging and animation)