Eight Things You Didn’t Know About the Making of I,Tonya

1. Margot Robbie’s only previous skating experience was being in an amateur hockey league.

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2. Tonya Harding was a consultant on the film biopic.

3. 90% of the crowds were CG animated by Eight VFX.

4. Margot trained with choreographer Sarah Kawahara for the role.

5. Writer Steven Rogers wrote the part of LaVona Golden for Allison Janney to play.

6. Only a few people in the world can do a triple axel so VFX artists blended different takes of Margot and the stunt double to create the infamous triple axel.

7. Nancy Kerrigan said she won’t see the film after stating, “I already lived through that.”(IMDB)

8. For more complex skating moves VFX artists transferred Margot’s face onto a stunt double or created a CG face in certain shots.

by Carley Smiddy