Eight VFX is honored to be a part of this amazing film and would like to wish Allison Janney a sincere congratulations on her win!

Allison Janney won her very first Golden Globe last night for her rattling role as Tonya Harding’s mother in “I,Tonya.” Janney is almost unrecognizable as she takes on the bitter abusive role as Lavona Harding not only successfully embodying the pessimistic mother figure, but adds to the darkly comedic aspects of the film biopic. In her acceptance speech Janney says a huge hurdle was making Lavona seem human in relation to her constantly demonic tone. Janney wanted to make the character semi-likeable to an extent thus adding to the film biopic’s comedic ere.

In an interview with IMDb, the humble Allison Janney stated, “I should just thank that damn bird.” Lavona Harding was known for being an avid bird lover ironic to the bitterness of her character. Janney had to actually audition different birds to see which one she connected with the best as a multitude of her scenes involve a bird sitting on her shoulder. I guess the bird helped fire her irritability as it candidly nibbled on her ear…

See some of the best Lavona moments below:

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by Carley Smiddy