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Introducing eightvfx London …. where Stephane Allender and Abby Orchard re-ignite their successful working partnership to bring an exciting new vfx studio to town. Our four-year collaboration at Framestore delivered award-winning commercials work for directors Noam Murro (best-loved Rexona ‘Go Wild’ for Lowe London and VW Polo ‘Singing Dog’ for DDB London) Simon Willows and Sara Dunlop among others. We opened the doors of our new space on Marshall Street in February. Call us for catch up coffee; we’d love to welcome you in.


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Stephane Allender – Creative Director
Showreel 2014

Stephane’s 25 years in the industry encompasses time at visual effects giants MPC and Framestore, before striking out on his own in 2009. He has collaborated on large-scale visual effects jobs for directors Steve Rogers, Noam Murro and Martin Krejci amongst many others. As his showreel more than testifies, his creative passion and experience make him one of the best visual effects supervisors in the business today.

He is very much French!


Abby Orchard – Executive Producer

Abby has 15 years experience at Framestore where she produced groundbreaking work for Rexona ‘Go Wild’, VW ‘Singing Dog’ and Pepsi ‘Crowd Surfing’. She has fostered relationships with award winning agencies BBH / Adam and Eve DDB / Ogilvy, directors Noam Murro / Michael Geoghegan / Daniel Kleinman / Steve Cope, alongside specific brand work for Next / Andrex/ Unilever. Most recently she has produced campaigns directed in-house (from script through to complex post) and integrated digital projects for BA ‘Home Advantage’ during the Olympics.

She is not French!


Shep (AKA Neil Sheppard) – Producer & Technologist

Shep is a Microsoft veteran of 7 years having worked in a senior management capacity across MSN, Xbox, Bing, Windows & Microsoft Advertising. With 15+ years’ experience in digital working alongside creative teams and the top technology minds in the world. In addition to being a Producer, Shep has a dual creative technologist role. Essentially he figures out how we can utilise cutting edge technologies (such as Augmented and Virtual Reality) in order to develop new digital experiences, bringing something unique and special to a campaign.

Although not French, Shep believes nationalistic boundaries will soon be forgotten when his Skynet project is finished!